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Release the innocent from the Santa Cruz ICE raid!

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In recent events, the ICE have conducted an immigrant raid under the guise of offering to help the city of Santa Cruz with their gang problem. Although some MS-13 gang members were arrested, 10 more innocent immigrants were also detained.  Although they may not have documents, they have families, jobs, and occupations in the United States. If they were to be deported, they will be separated from their relatives and stripped of their livelihood.

One of the three charters of freedom, the Declaration of Independence, guarantees the unalienable rights of the people to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This clause extends to other humans beings as well as our documented citizens, as stated in the said document, which claims "that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights. (preamble, line 1)" To deport these law-abiding citizens is to strip them of their right to life and liberty. This goes against the principles of the values that our forefathers have once cherished in their time.

As a bystander, I cannot stand to see people who have lived, thrived, and bore children here to be abruptly removed from what was supposed to be a sanctuary, a safe haven for them. These people are citizens in their own right and deserve a life here. With this petition, I am allowing for the citizens of Santa Cruz to voice their opinions on this situation, to vouch for these innocent people, and to fight for what is morally just. Please take time to sign this poll, we need 100,000 people for it to be acknowledged by the White House and its associates.

Thank you, kind reader, for taking the time to hear the grievances of our people.

-Catherine Vo, UCSC undergraduate

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