Put Logan Paul on the No Fly List

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Logan Paul has a history of harassing citizens of countries outside the United States, contributing to a negative and sometimes hostile view of Americans overseas.  His antics go beyond harmless practical jokes.  They endanger and even harm foreign citizens by impeding their daily lives and causing economic damage.  In addition, his behaviors put American citizens at risk, as a deteriorated view of American travelers can result in detrimental treatment and even potentially violence against them.  Logan Paul is a disgrace to America and a true threat to American reception overseas.  The immediate revocation of his flight privileges by placing him on the "no fly" list will ensure that he will no longer be able to inflict harm upon American foreign relations and tourist activities.

His activities include mocking a corpse found in Aokigahara, otherwise known as the "suicide forest" in Japan, assaulting citizens on the streets in Tokyo, destroying products purchased from merchants and attempting to demand a refund, disturbing the peace, disrespecting religious sites, racist activities and speech, and much more.  He has had numerous run-ins with foreign police as a result of his behaviors.

Some examples of his egregious behaviors overseas are below:

Japan: Suicide Forest Incident


Italy 1

Italy 2