Work Experience for people who study and work in Australia for sponsor visas (186 and 187)

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I was an international student and now I have a graduate visa (485) for 18 months, I am working in a regional area in one of the skills listed in the MLTSSL. The company I am working on is happy to give me a sponsorship. But, under the new legislation, I need to show a least 3 years of experience for this visas (482, 187 and 186). This change makes requirements for this visas an impossible task for people like me, who study in Australia and get the qualifications here to apply for this visas.

I want to ask you to review this situation. And if is possible make an exception for people who study in Australia and work here to reduce the work experience requirement from three years to one year. Something similar to the point system for 189 or 190 where one year of experience in Australia gives 5 points. As three years of overseas experience give the same 5 points.

I believe that this small change could be a positive no just for international students who want to make Australia their home, but also for an employer who already found people with the qualifications and Australian experience. Usual very difficult to find them in regional areas.