Stop unscrupulous people from exploiting the Australian immigration system

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The current Australian immigration system for Visa Subclass 189 is a highly automated system that invites people based on highest points and the earliest date of effect. A Case Officer would then be assigned to each case of invitations.  

The problem being faced at the moment is that there are so many people exploiting this highly automated system especially with those with pro-rata occupations that are highly competitive such as accounting, engineering & IT. Some of the most common examples include, but not limited to, the following;

  • Submitting multiple Expression of Interests (EOIs)
  • Not withdrawing the multiple Expression of Interests (EOIs) after receiving ITA, thus causing one applicant to be invited multiple times when that applicant has applied via one ITA. This causes multiple invites to be wasted

Such a problem has caused points required for invitations to go astronomically high for a number of pro-rata occupations. Occupations such as Accountants even require 85 + points to be invited for ITA (February 2019 invitations forum mentioned that there are no accountants at 80 points being invited). This ensure that offshore applicants would not be able to contribute to Australian economy due to the high number of points required.

We therefore propose some suggestions that the system be revised to include the following:

  •  That one person should be restricted to having only one Expression of Interest (EOI) for each occupation group, i.e. one person having an EOI for General Accountant (22111) cannot have EOI for Management Accountant (22112) or Taxation Accountant (22113) since it is within the same occupation group. A person, however, can have one EOI for Taxation Accountant (22113) & external audit (221213) since they are in different occupation group
  • That non-refundable fees ranging between $1,000 - $1,500 should be charged for one EOI submitted. This is to discourage migrants from submitting multiple EOIs and then refusing to withdraw them after receiving ITA. In addition, considering that thousands of EOIs are submitted each year, this scheme might possibly bring an additional $25 million to $45 million to DOHA (considering there are 25,000 EOIs submitted each year across all occupations).
  • That an ITA not accepted after 60 days should not be reinvited to prevent wastage of EOIs.

Every migrant should be given a fair chance to lodge an EOI which would lead to ITA for PR and not be allowed to cause grief to others awaiting for the EOI as well