Make the Webster Elementary School Intersection SAFE Before It’s Too Late

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We are petitioning for the placement of a permanent intersection speed enforcement/safety camera/photo radar at the intersection of Schofield Highway and Murray Drive in Warfield, BC. 

This intersection has seen numerous near-accidents where pedestrians- the majority school children from Webster Elementary School (located at the intersection)- have been almost hit by speeding and negligent drivers. 

There was an incident in the past year where a child crossing at this intersection, accompanied by a cross-guard (!), was almost hit. Unfortunately, speeding and negligent driving occurs on a daily basis at this particular intersection, witnessed by residents, parents and children. 

The area of concern involves a section of Schofield Highway that runs directly through residential areas AND, most importantly, past an elementary school. There have been speedometers placed intermittently by the school on rare occasions (not permanently), but these do not solve the issue of speeders and oftentimes they are ignored, perpetuating the vicious cycle. 

There are lights at this intersection, but these are largely ineffective. On a daily basis, pedestrians are seen trying to cross but cannot, due to drivers busting through the intersection, ignoring the flashing lights and even running through red lights. An elderly woman was seen recently trying to cross at the red light but could not, due to a vehicle speeding through. Unfortunately, this is just one of many examples of this problem. 

This needs to STOP, and the only way to do this is to either place an RCMP officer at the intersection regularly (our area is already stretched too thin for law enforcement), or permanently install a safety/speed enforcement camera in this area to catch and ticket negligent, irresponsible drivers before someone gets injured or killed. 

The second area of concern is the crosswalk further up Schofield Highway from the school, by Shutek Drive and Lauriente Way, a popular walking place. Although this crosswalk has flashing lights, on a daily basis pedestrians witness vehicles speeding through this area and ignoring both the flashing lights and pedestrians. 

We urge you to support this cause to make our community safer and protect the children and citizens of Warfield. Please sign this petition to make positive change!