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Revamping of Education System in India

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We are living in democratic society since 1947 and learned people have been into designing the course curricula of higher education since then. The Science has advanced and many new streams at graduation level are being added to the Colleges and Universities - Biotechnology, Nano Technology, Genetic Engg. are some of the examples. The courses have also been revised many a times. But, the eligibility criteria for admission to these courses have not undergone much change. If we closely examine some of the courses like Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering, Dairy Technology, Agricultural Engineering, the eligibility criteria and admission tests require Mathematics (in addition to Physics and Chemistry) at 12th level. In IIT’s, NIT’s, and some other top colleges in India the admission criteria  is JEE test so only students with Phy, Chem, Math (Non Medical stream) are only eligible to apply. However as per the course curriculum and objectives, these courses require sufficient knowledge of Biology also. There are large number of students from the medical stream (Phy,Chem,Bio) who have taken up Biotechnology as optional course in 11th and 12th Medical Stream, and even with so sound knowledge and background of Biology and Biotechnology they are ineligible to apply for these courses. The Non-medical stream students have not studied biology upto 12th level and they are the only ones eligible to apply for these courses. The above courses are equally or more aligned and useful for Medical students also. If there are some deficiency courses in Maths and Biology upto 12th level, the students can take up those during their graduation degree but debarring medical stream students and giving undue preference to non medical students for the above courses is highly unjustified. All the students from Medical stream may not get admission to MBBS but they still are bright students.

            Even the admission criteria to B.Sc. courses in Chemistry, Physics in IIT’s is also through JEE Mains which is ridiculous and after completion they are awarded same B.Sc. Degree as is offered by Delhi University or from IIT. The students whether in medical or non medical stream have to study physics and chemistry at equivalent level and should be equally given chance to pursue graduation in these streams at IITs also.

            It is really difficult to understand how the decision makers including learned educationists have ignored this fact till date and made our Education system highly biased in favour of  Non Medical stream students. A Non medical student already has many choices with different streams of Engineering whereas a Medical student is left with little options and B.Tech Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering etc. are legitimate choices.

            With the Centre’s Move of one exam for Medical Aspirants this task of considering Medical students to these streams is not difficult at all. Instead of considering only JEE Mains score, it may be replaced with JEE / NEET Score for the entrance to these courses. As an example many institutes are offering B.Pharm to both medical and non medical stream students- BITS Pilani by conducts their own exam (both Medical and Non Medical Students are eligible) and BITS Ranchi admits sudents on the basis of both NEET and JEE score. The same process can be adopted for the courses which have dual relevance to both Non Medical and Medical students. This will provide the bright students from Medical stream with an opportunity to exercise right and legitimate choices to further their career. This will be a great step in bringing equity in the education system by the government and highly applauded move.

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