The right to life- The right to die?

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People who are terminally ill should have the right to die and people who love and want to help that person should not be prosecuted. It’s totally unfair to prosecute someone for helping a loved one fulfil their dying wish. Sign this petition to change the law on Euthanasia now!

Do you think that someone else should dictate when you die? After reading some heart-breaking case study’s my friend and I believe its time to change.  Signing this petition could help you later on in life or a beloved family member, when you believe the time is right for you to die.

  • 300 people dying end their own lives in this country, England, every year.
  • 44% of people would break the law to help a loved one die.
  • Euthanasia protects self-hood; without the option of euthanasia their quality of life will continue to deteriorate.