Seeking for Mercy from Australian Government to bring Annabelle home with family.

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Annabelle is a very lovely girl who has DIPG and incurable brain disease that cant be treated in Australia , hence her family has to send her to Mexico for long term treatment. The family has been in a lot of hardship from being torn apart from each other and also struggling to fund for the treatments and living costs in Mexico since they have not been given any financial support from the Government . Now they need to flight her home but she is unable to move by herself and we are seeking for mercy from Australian Government or any Charities or Foundation in Australia and around the WORLD to fly her back home safely.  

The cost to fly Annabelle home is $US 200,000 and the whole family will not be able to afford it. They have sold their houses for the treatment of Annabelle in Mexico and now they are able to to fly her home without financial support. 

Please please please make miracle happen and bring Annabelle back with family since her disease is very severe .