Reduce prescribing of SSRI antidepressant drugs like seroxat as dangerous and ineffective

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I've restarted this petition based on Paul Pezzack's, as I really wanted to sign it.  Anti depressant medication is addictive with dangerous risks, that are understated and covered up by the medical profession.

 This petition is for UK residents only.As much as i appreciate members of other countries signing i believe it wont be accepted in our parliament.

SSRI drugs like Prozac,Seroxat,Lustral,Cipramil etc are given to patients for minor disorders like depression and anxiety.
These drugs are often prescribed by doctors and psychiatrists on the theory of a chemical imbalance in the brain,which isn't truthful.
There isnt any proof of a chemical imbalance.

These drugs can cause severe physical addiction which may be denied or underestimated by doctors.  No proper NHS program exists to withdraw safely from these drugs. Drug companies like GSK were fined for deliberately hiding they were addictive.  Panorama ran a long campaign exposing addiction problems, that was being covered up.
 These drugs are highly dangerous and yet are given out on a daily basis, without proper warnings to public.  The information leaflet still underplays addiction risks and no warnings on the outside of the packet.

They don't work:
When in truth they fair no better in drug trials than placebo/sugar pills at curing any mental health issues (proven in recent BBC programme 'The Doctor that gave up drugs')
The drug trial facts are often hidden or manipulated in favour of the drug being effective eg GSK fined for hiding risks of Seroxat to under 18s.
Lets have the true data from drug trials made available

There is massive amounts of data proving these drugs are dangerous and the public aren't being properly informed, as proven by a few brave doctors exposing the truth eg Dr Peter Breggin (book
"Brain-Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry" ) ,Dr Ann Blake Tracy, Dr David Healey, Dr Joanna Moncrieff and others.

Support groups for people addicted to, and harmed by anti depressants

Your help and support would be greatly appreciated. Today, someone you know could be given these drugs and just by trusting their doctor and the authorities, begin the terrible journey of pain, anguish and even death because of it.  Just as i have and many many others too.
thank you for your support,
Paul Pezzack.

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