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Raising Awareness to The Public: Stretch and Flex but Get Enough Rest

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First of all, what is Myofascial Pain?

Myofascial Pain, also known as Chronic Myofascial Pain, is a chronic pain syndrome caused by excessive or overuse of muscles in sensitive areas that can be called as trigger points. Fascial is a connective tissue that surrounds all muscles, nerve, bone, blood vessel and organ, therefore when there is too much pressure on the muscle has more of the tendency to this disorder. So the possible causes of this disorder may be because of injuries and/or overuse of the muscles.

Signs and Symptoms

- Deep aching pain in a muscle to the extent that the person has difficulty in sleeping

- Pain that persists or worsens

- Tenderness and spasm on the muscle

Myofascial Pain is indeed a serious disorder that may be disregarded to many people, especially for those who are involved to jobs that involve more of physical activities such as carpenters, waitresses, repair workers, choreographers, athletes, and many more.

There are some cases that this can be treated for a temporary time, and these are the following:

Technique I: Trigger Point Compression

Technique II: Manual stretching of the taut band in muscle fiber direction

Technique III: Myofascial release

Technique IV: Intermuscular mobilization


Let us all help each other by raising awareness to the people we know who are prone to this disorder. Work hard, but rest if you must. Your health matters too.

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