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Department of Health: Fix the system, End Organ Trafficking

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According to the National Labor Organization, the crime for human trafficking is continuously arising from the past years. Every year, more and more women, men and even children are being given out in the hands of traffickers. Additionally, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes mentioned that human trafficking itself is a crime, a crime that violates human rights, what more when the organs of the victims are being removed and sold in black markets? Victims of this crime do not only lose their dignity but also their sanity. The Philippines was one of the many known suppliers of kidney for other countries. While it is common that sexual exploitation and forced labour are considered human trafficking, organ trade in black markets is still rampant all over the country. The vulnerable people, those who are in the slums, children, women and men are targets of the black market taking advantage of their situation to create money. However, is this a way in receiving money? Is this how a person should be treated in order to live?
The human body is composed of systems that are interdependent with one another. If an organ is removed, it affects our whole body. Limiting a human being from being their full potential. The Philippine Government, specifically the Department of Health should enforce strict laws regarding organ donation. Trainings and orientations should be given to current and aspiring people working in the health related field. Lastly, raise public awareness especially to areas which are greatly affected by this rampant organ trade by black markets.
An end to organ trafficking and human trafficking is one of the many changes we want to have in the country. To create a better society, and enjoy the feeling of being safe and being with the company of others.

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