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More and more now we hear horror stories of how our loved ones in care homes are failed its happening time and time again. Our own granny annie was failed in a care home in 2016 and later died at home related to those failings. Had there been cameras in her care home we would have answers instead almost 2 years later we still have questions that will never be answered. We the family and other families believe there should be CCTV by law in all communal areas entrances and exits of care homes and it should be the responsibility of the care home provider to monitor, report and share directly to the requlator should there be any incidents. We believe this will also protect and safeguard the staff that go above and beyond when caring for our loved ones. We are talking about the most vulnerable people in our society, our elderly who deserve in the last years of their lives to be treated with dignity, compassion empathy, patience and understanding many of whom suffering with Dementia/Alzheimers. Safeguard our loved ones. Support our petition.