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Ban co-codamol tablets from being sold over the counter

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We are currently facing a drugs epidemic in Belfast. Many of us know someone who has a drug addiction or has been affected by drug addiction in some way. In no way will this petition fix the drug problem however it may show our politicians that we as a community want changes made to legislation to address the problems. Co-codamol can be highly addictive as it contains the addictive ingredient codeine. Codeine belongs to a group of drugs called opiates, other drugs that fall into this group include morphine and heroin. Codeine can be very beneficial to those who genuinely require pain medication due to a health complication. However it is also readily and very easily abused by others who don't need it but take it because they get a "high" from it. I genuinely believe that a large part of this is the fact that it can be bought in chemists, supermarkets etc. I believe that if codeine (co-codamol) was controlled and available via prescription only we would see a decrease in addiction statistics to this particular drug. This epidemic should be everyone's concern because none of us know what the future holds for our loved ones. Drug addiction does not discriminate. So before you think "that will never happen to me or anyone I know" - think again. Or "co codamol isn't even a dangerous drug, that petition is silly and pointless!" - go and do your research, addiction to co codamol has killed many people. I have 2 small children and I want something done about the drugs epidemic now rather than later. We should all want something done. Like I said this petition won't solve the drug problems in our communities but we have to start somewhere. We need to start making small changes now if we want to stop our young ones from dying in the future.

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