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Let Live LUNG for Life

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Tobacco smoking plays a big role in a huge population in the Philippines. Health reports prove that cigarette smoking is a serious health hazard due to its nicotine content and other harmful substances. But despite of its harmful effects, Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS) found out that more than one in every eight Filipinos, from 13-15 years old, smoking while Twenty-eight percent of 15 years old and above are current tobacco smokers. Our group aims to raise awareness to adults, youths, and even children about the dangers in smoking by sharing information through social media, conducting programs about prevention of smoking, and distributing flyers in order to prevent diseases and preserve life.

Once and for all, smoking is dangerous. In all the evidence that was presented to you, it was clearly delivered and we do hope that you comprehensively understand all the information that was presented earlier. Again, remember how you start smoking. Is it because of the influence of the others, personally attracted to it, to liberate to try everything, rebellion, depression, too much stress and the like? The question is, does it help? Did smoking helped you out in fitting in to the world? Remember that you should live for yourself and not for the self of the others. Did smoking helped you out in satisfying yourself? Well, maybe yes but ask the old smokers. Were they not guilty of what they are now? Were they not feeling regrets up to this point in time? Again, did smoking helped you fix your relationship with your family? Did they understand you? Did it helped you to become a better son or daughter to your parents? Did it helped you overcome your anxiety and depression? Did it fixed the source of your sadness and distraction? Did it permanently removed the stress you are feeling? Or did you just pay for the temporariness of the comfort you just bought in a form of a single stick?

 Once again, think. Did taking cigarettes really helped you in your life? I guess you knew the answer.

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