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Giana's Monster Under Pressure: Battling Anorexia, Let's fight Anorexia Bullies!

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         Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of all forms of mental illness, with rates of between 10% and 15%. This is more than just a blog, this is a movement to spread awareness and share words and actions to stop the self-destructing disorder killing every women victim’s ego and self-trust, Anorexia Nervosa. 


          It is one of the most catastrophic monsters that could lead to death. It is when despite of many foods in front you, you refuse to eat it; even you are starving to death, you are always in denial; despite of different requirements you need to accomplish, you have difficulty in concentrating; despite of the time-by-time skinny risk rate of your body, you are still conscious of your body size and shape. Is it every teenager or woman's right to experience these things?      

            Nowadays, thinspiration has been a trend among teenage girls. But first, what is thinspiration? It is a term that refers to photos of tremendously skinny girls flaunting their collarbones, ribs, thigh gaps and flat stomach on social media.

              Due to the domination of social media to teenagers, it has set the standards of the “ideal body”. As a result, it gives most teenagers insecurities about their body. Because of them being too focused on having the so-called “ideal body”, they are being blinded from the fatal consequences of this.

               Since most Filipinos are unfamiliar with Anorexia, it is evidently noticeable that there is a need to raise about this matter. In this petition, we will be providing details about the current statistics of anorexia among teenage girls and how it affects the mental, physical and emotional health of an anorexic.

                 Giana is one of the teenagers who was victimized of anorexia. Her journey in battling anorexia is an undeniable challenging one. She wants to be the best flyer in the  PEP squad that's why she decided to be extremely determined in a wrong way. Even though an anorexia victim got recovered, it is not yet an opportunity to tease or bully them regarding the monster they experienced previously because it could be a catastrophic movement not just to their emotional being, but also to their whole self. Whenever you have someone you knew on which you are suspecting of having anorexia, kindly find a fast way to solve that problem! Let's fight anorexia! Let Giana be every one's inspiration especially the teens! Let's fight anorexia bullies!

Here are her answers during an interview:

1.      What is your name? -Giana Comia

2.      Give a little background about yourself. - I used to study in School of Saint Anthony from Prep to Grade 10 and then I transferred to Miriam College High School this school year. I was part of the SSA Pep Squad from Grades 7 to 9. I was the co-captain of SSA Pep Squad when I was in Grade 8 then I became the captain when I was in Grade 9. I decided to quit the team because of my eating disorder which broke me down and affected everything. 

3.      What was your diagnosis? - Anorexia and Bulimia

4.      When and where were you diagnosed? - I was diagnosed last June 2014 in Fairview General Hospital 

5.      When did your eating disorder started? What caused your eating disorder? - My eating disorder started January 2014. I wanted to lose weight really bad since my team mates and coaches noticed that I gained weight from the holiday season. I was a flyer and our competition is on February so I had no choice but to starve myself and did some excessive exercises after my training. 

6.      What are the factors that aggravated your condition? - The pressure of wanting to be a top flyer and prove everyone that I can be the best among all the flyers. 

7.      What are the physical effects to you? - I had pale lips and skin, my nails were brittle and blue, hair was falling out, eye bags were getting deeper and darker due to lack of sleep, extremely dry skin, bones were peeking out.

8.      What are the emotional effects to you? - . I get angry easily, I avoided everyone because they would make me eat, stopped going to school since people were judging me, I counted calories instead of solving for Math because numbers triggers me, I couldn't sleep properly due to hunger pangs. 

9.      How is your relationship with your family affected? - I was always shouting at them for making me eat food and it reached to the point where I didn't go to church anymore because I wanted to exercise at home. 

10.  How are your relationships with other people affected? - My friends and team mates noticed I'm not Jolly anymore. Every time they would invite me to eat outside, I had to find a good excuse for them to think that I'm not avoiding food. 

11.  What / who convinced you to seek for medical help? - When my coach and team mates decided to remove me as a team captain that's when I realized that I should seek professional help to recover from my eating disorder. 

12.  During your recovery, are there times when you wanted to relapse? Why? - Yes, because people were noticing that my weight was fluctuating that made me triggered and wanted to starve again. 

13.  What did you do to avoid regression from recovery? - I didn't mind what other people noticed about the changes on my body. I just kept going and believed in myself. 

14.  What motivated you to continue moving forward towards recovery? - God was my motivation. He helped me get through my eating disorder which I almost died from it and because I was faithful to him, he didn't let go of me.

15.  What do you think are some ways to prevent the increasing rate of eating disorders? - Body images of girls/boys who are extremely skinny shouldn't be posted anywhere. This is the number one cause of having an eating disorder which can be prevented by posting athletic or healthy looking people on the internet, magazine, newspaper, and television. 

16.  Message for teenage girls who are currently battling with eating disorders - . I would like to tell you that you're beautiful. Being skinny will not make you happy, it makes you depressed and develop issues with family, friends, and school. Skinny will never be defined as beauty. You are beautiful because you are what you are, it means, you just have to embrace your features because God created us to love ourselves and not destroy it


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