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People greatly suffer and die, while Insurance companies deny claims and unfairly overcharge their premiums, that itself is a crime.

Free Equal Health Care for all would allow for a Better Economy since healthy people can work and live normal lives.

Preventative and Restorative Health Care is not a priviledge only for those who can afford it...
but it is a Right that is established in our own constitution.

We the People are to establish Justice, INSURE Domestic Tranquility, PROVIDE For the Common Defense and PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELL-FARE...
which is basically saying the government is suppose to help defend its citizens from common enemies...
and any Sickness as well as any Disease should not be excluded in that list of enemies,
so let us promote general well fare to all our citizens for it is an Filipino Right.

Today people here in Philippines are having a very tough choice of either paying rent, putting food on the table or trying to afford their healthcare.

People are dying by the thousands right here in Philippines, each and every week due to poor health and not being able to afford healthcare.

Please take this matter very seriously and take an Immediate Action.

Thank You.