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Enhancement of the Scope of Healthcare and Health Conventions in the Philippines

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          Health care in the Philippines is variable. Ranging in quality from high standards to dire, hospitals in the big cities are of excellence whilst those in the rural areas, the places where people need it most, somewhat lack infrastructure and proper operation.

          It can’t be helped that people from rural areas and those of aboriginal origins find the quality health care to be difficult to acquire. This results to them having no choice but to comply with the help of witch doctors and fake healers that may lead to the worsening of the patient’s conditions.

          Doctors at public hospitals in the Philippines are well-trained, although equipment and facilities may not be up to the standard of private institutions.

           Access to public healthcare in the Philippines remains a contentious issue, particularly in rural areas. Although all Filipino nationals are entitled to healthcare through PhilHealth, not all medical procedures are covered by the scheme and medical expenses are often paid for by the individual patient. Most of the children from rural areas suffer diseases without proper treatment, primarily because of the lack of money to acquire healthcare and the lack of knowledge of risk factors in their surroundings.

          With that being said children and students should also be educated with the different factors that prove to be risky or hazardous to their overall health. Different local government units should conduct conventions and seminars, like the earthquake and fire drills that they do annually, in schools, inviting both the students and the parents to be able to enlighten them with the right knowledge and information of several common diseases like dengue, flu, common cold and several others. With this, children and parents will learn to avoid such factors and live a healthier life.

          This petition aims to plea for the improvement of the scope of the healthcare in the country. By providing a better healthcare system not only for the middle class people but also to our indigenous brothers and sisters and those in rural areas. Better healthcare can lead to the increase in the productivity and better functioning of the society. By these combined with the provided seminars and talks in schools regarding health risk factors and how to live a healthier life, we can build a better world for all of us.

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