Camouflage Makeup for Burns Victims

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Camouflage Makeup for Burns Victims

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Samantha McNulty started this petition to Department of Health

There is a difference between physical and mental suffering and there’s a fine line between something that you don’t like about your appearance and something that defines your appearance. What if the physical affects of something you’ve experienced begin to effect your physiological state of mind and what if there was something that could help to alleviate that. I feel like it needs to be recognised how important self-confidence is and how important it is for it to be accessible for all! 

I want to explain to you how important it is for people with significant scarring or other skin-deep defects to have access to camouflage makeup. 

As much as it may seem shallow to some, to say that something like makeup; used to alter the appearance of a person in order to look better is one of the most important things.. I ask you to look at it this way…

When a person who is living with the physical scars from burns or any other condition is given the opportunity to temporarily feel “normal”, to not have people stare or comment and to be provided with the freedom and confidence that everyone deserves, the effects of this are just as significant as any other government supported pharmaceutical. 

The cost of good quality camouflage makeup can be extremely high especially when there is a large amount of area to be covered. Being able to have a good quality makeup means that people are able to go out in the sun without having to worry about being sunburnt, be able to swim without the makeup disappearing and being embarrassed and also being able to wear the makeup without having to worry about the scars having a reaction and becoming irritated.

But most importantly, it means that people can actually, truly recover and live a full life. 

My story..

My name is Samantha, I am 27, born and bred in Perth. I was 8 years old when I sustained 40% full thickness burns. I have extensive scars to my chest, stomach, arms and thighs. I have many surgeries including debridement, skin grafts, dermabrasion procedures and an ‘Integra’ dermal regeneration template which was applied to my stomach where the burn was most severe. I was also one of the first people to have the ‘Spray-on-Skin’ skin culturing treatment.

I found that I would look for clothes that were going to cover the scars as much as possible which really limits the variety of clothing and is actually quite difficult, especially living in WA where the last thing you want to wear in summer is a long sleeve T-Shirt!

I started to wear camouflage makeup at around the age of 12, over the years I have tried many different brands and forms of makeup from clay to aerosols and airbrush.

The struggle with camouflage makeups is finding a product that stays on all day, is resistant to moisture while maintaining a natural look and is easy to apply. The problem with this quality of makeup is that it is pricey and the concern of whether or not you are able to afford the products shouldn’t be such a consuming part of the lives of so many.

The ultimate would be for no burns victims to have to worry about how they are going to afford camouflage makeup. It needs to be recognised for the life-changing stuff that it is. Sure, I understand that at the end of the day this is cosmetic, it’s not medically required. But for people living with scars or any other skin defects, this is so much more than cosmetic and really does improve your quality of life.

If you agree that the importance of the accessibility of life enhancing products should be recognised, please sign this petition to push towards financial support.

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This petition had 207 supporters