Get Myotherapists back working in Victoria

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Myotherapy was deemed an essential service during our last bout of Stage 3 restrictions but in the current easing has been ignored. The goal posts have repeatedly been changed on us by the DHHS and for an industry built by small businesses, this is not good enough. We do not make a lot of money, most of us work for ourselves and so not working for the last 12 weeks has been devastating.

A good percentage of our industry is degree qualified and of those that aren’t, the minimum study is still over two and a half years. We are also required yearly to keep up with professional development quotas and are able to obtain provider numbers so our patients can claim through their private health.

On a daily basis we work side by side with Physios, Osteos and Chiros, all of whom are back to routine care, and we are also regularly referred to by GPs. To be lumped in with ‘personal services’ and ‘beauty’ by the Victorian Government is a real kick in the teeth.

To have not even been given a reason as to why we haven’t been included in the current easing of restrictions is shocking. If you’ve ever seen a Myo or know someone who has, you would know our skill set and hygiene/infection control put us head and shoulders above all businesses that were given the freedom to work on Monday and easily on par with those in Allied Health. Procedurally, what we do with patients and how we work face to face is the same as Allied Health and to have not been respected enough as an industry to show that is devastating.

We want the recognition that myotherapy deserves and the first step is to be again recognised as an ESSENTIAL service and hopefully eventually ALLIED HEALTH though we do understand as an industry we have a bit of work to do.

We should never have been lumped with ‘personal services’ and should be back  working to help our communities.

If you agree MYOTHERAPY should have been included in the latest opening of restrictions, please sign and share this petition.