A special School for the spastic and cerebral palsy in every district of Odisha

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I come up with this petition because I see that such special children are confined to the home and and we hardly find a home tutor,who can get them into some activities because like every children they also sometimes don't listen to  the family members . So these children also need their world of change from the monotonous life at home.

Therefore, schools with trained teachers skilled in each of such areas of development and who have the skill to manage such children even for an hour or two if needed along with any of the parents can make so much difference to these children.

A special school for spastic and cerebral palsy where activities games becomes the main subject.

Although, there is handicap school here but not every children are taken there. And there are children who can be accompanied by either of the parents. 

Such a change would definitely help family like mine who have a cerebral palsy child but he does not have a school for himself.