ABA services to be funded by the Department of Health, aswell as Education

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The whole disability system in Ireland baffles me! I am a qualified Behaviour Analyst and on a daily basis I hear different stories of parents who have children with a disability that present with challenging behaviours. These parents express the added stress that this causes to the family, the individual, the schools, etc. My question is; If these problems are faced by many families then why are the right resources not put in place?. 

When a child is diagnosed with a disability,  they are granted hours of SLT and OT therapies but why not Applied Behaviour Analysis? Behaviour is the number one indicator, of how successful they become in school, at home and during these other therapy sessions. If a child is presenting with challenging behaviours they will not benefit from the other therapies. This in turn is a slippery slope to underachieving. 

 The Department of Health should realise the importance of professionals who are trained to a high standard in dealing with behaviour and how important it is to give parents and other professionals the tools to effectively deal with challenging behaviour. 

Make it that parents have the choice to avail of ABA services when their child is diagnosed, just like the other services listed above that they recieve. It all makes sense and the child can reach his or her full potential in all areas as the effectiveness of treatments will not be compromised by challenging behaviours. This in return, will make the care they recieve much more holistic and benefical.