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Issue my son's passport to be able to travel with me for holiday since I am the sole carer

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My name is Yar Dell, I have live in Australia since 2012, I am a very hard working citizen who never depend on welfare. I had my son in 2014 with a man who have never taken responsibility of the child but always claim him as his son. He used my son to get money from me whenever possible. I have tried to travel 3 times with my son for holidays but without success and losing all the tickets money since the father have been refusing to give his consent. This is another way he is controlling my life, making sure I don't get to do anything without him. Sometimes I feel like packing my bag, take my son and leave Australia so we can resolve the issue overseas but unable since I cannot get passport for my son. there is no justice for people like me who wants to keep children and bring them up enjoying life as any other Australian. My concern is that I might not be able to travel with my son until he is 18 years of age because the government make sure I depend on father for big decisions regarding my son even when he is not in Australia. My son is lovely but I am sometimes blinds to see cuteness in him when reminded of what I have to go through to bring him to this injustice world. This doesn't only affects me but other single parents out there who are trying to live their lives not being affected by the children around them. If a child with 2 parents can travel the world with their parents why not a child brought up by single parent, it's makes me feel like I have committed a crime by having my son instead I could have just terminated the pregnancy and continue with my life. I have suffered emotional, financially and physically since I found out I was pregnant. My life has been a circle of borrow to pay debt after another since I had to support a child and a father who is dependant of me until now he is overseas. I need to gain control over my life and be able to make decisions regarding my son and travel the world with him which is my big dream since childhood. I have worked hard to come this far and now Australian government is asking me to get consent from father who is asking me for money to be able to call the department of foreign affairs from overseas. Please sign my petition and change the law that ask single parents for consent and give parents who are bringing up children on their own power and freedom to take their children on holidays without permission from other parents who living overseas.

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