Environmental Conservation and Action

Environmental Conservation and Action

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Environmental Conservation and Action


Among all creations of our Almighty God, our environment is the most abundant and everything we see, it's the environment. This is where we learn how to adapt new places to live in, where we get to see amazing sight seeings and be able to create beautiful memories.
We are in control of the environment. We are the ones who should maintain its cleanliness because of the fact that it benefits us in a way that it provides us our needs and wants. We should do our part to ensure that it is protected, by everyone, by having a deeper respect and understanding of what nature provides.


The Environmental Conservation and Action aims to protect, preserve and keep our nature from now and then from any unnecessary activities created by anyone who violates the rules regarding to environmental concerns.


The Department of Environmental and Natural Resources is the executive department of the Philippine government responsible for governing and supervising the exploration, development, utilization, and conservation of the country's natural resources. This is the government that is associated and in control to this matter.


It has been said that conservation works into two ways that it is meant to protect nature by protecting vital resources and it is also a way of living that works against the irresponsible practices of business and large corporations.
Planting more trees, segregating wastes, preserving everything and conserving water and land parts are one of the best and effective way on how to protect and preserve our nature.
Preserving it, conserving it and giving action for it gives us a lot of benefits. This also makes us to survive against daily struggles such as protecting our homes from landslides, from getting wet by the rain drops, from getting burned by the blinding sunlight.


Our activities reflect to what on our nature looks like. What we do is what the nature looks like now. If we care less about them, they'll fade away. No more trees, no more fruits and everything. Our everyday habits show how much we truly value all the things that the Earth, the environment rather, give us.
The NPS-ENRMP’s overall development objective is to assist the DENR to improve efficiency and effectiveness in its service delivery. Specifically, the NPS-ENRMP aims to strengthen the allocative efficiency of DENR’s limited budget resources through better prioritization and partnership arrangements facilitating scaling-up, and through better linking of plans and budgets.


You can contact Department of Environmental and Natural Resources at http://www.denr.gov.ph/ if you have anything to say and to do regarding to this.

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