Recreational hovercraft in the Wide Bay to clean up plastic and protect endangered turtles

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Recreational hovercraft (size of small fishing boats) are legislated as ‘managed vessels’ in QLD marine parks in the same way as a commercial hovercraft, which can weigh over seven tonnes (25 times our weight) and length which can exceed six metres.

Most operators are enthusiasts wanting to use their craft to assist where they can to help out landcare/survey groups and remove plastic along beaches. Hovercraft are extremely low impact as they ride on a cushion of low pressure air and the hull does not touch the surface, therefore are capable of gliding over sensitive areas without impact. They are fast and versatile and can cover large coastal areas quickly. They have the ability to cross all estuaries and creeks regardless of tide.

The Queensland Environment Department continues to categorise these small craft as managed vessels due to Zoning Plan laws. The assessment information they’ve used is based on much larger craft with higher impacts (Class Assessment).

Let’s change this so that small hovercraft are exempt from these laws by changing the definition (of a managed vessel) so that we can continue to provide support without the burden of ‘blanket’ legislation and permit requirements.

Submissions are now possible for public input to change these laws. We need your help.