Petition for Sustainable Waterways in Metro Manila

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          The Philippines is a developing nation that has experienced a rapid rise in urbanization and industrialization as its population has grown rapidly. Unfortunately, this rapid development has come at a price of increased water pollution, with 47% of all surveyed water bodies in the country having good water quality, 40% having only fair water quality, and 13% having poor water quality. Around 50 of the 421 rivers in the Philippines are now considered to be “biologically dead,” supplying sufficient oxygen for only the most hardy species to survive there(Greentumble, 2015)

         Water pollution has always been a serious problem experienced nationwide, in turn depriving the resources the population needed. There are a number of factors contributing to the contamination of clean water. One is the improper treatment of the sewage systems which causes contamination in underground water which in turn can spread waterborne diseases. Another is due to industrial, agricultural, and domestic waste pollutants that may contain disease-causing organisms or toxic materials. Increased population, urbanization, agriculture and industrialization have all reduced the quality of water in the Philippines (Marrone, 2016)

         Although  the government is already providing solutions for the said problem, what we need is strict implementation on rules, and simple yet sustainable ways to combat water pollution. Here are some suggested solutions for the said problem:

        The government should employ strict implementation of ordinances to protect the environment. Strict maintenance in the cleaning of Metro Manila’s waterways are also needed. Industries should also eliminate hazardous chemicals and seek safer, sustainable alternatives, and they should also decrease the need for raw materials and energy. Consistent practice of proper waste disposal is also a must for all citizens. Spreading awareness on the dangers of water pollution to other members of the society through campaigns and symposiums can also have huge impact that may contribute on how to address the problem.

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