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Balerianos, Preserve the Beauty of Sabang Beach and Museo de Baler

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Baler is known for its breathtaking beauty and considered as traveler’s paradise. It’s a place with an endless summer and endless waves. From a research, there were 272,182 tourists in 2013 and rose to 684,997 in 2014. The province is very famous and many people are going to this place, not just Filipinos but also foreigners.

We want to raise an awareness for the people living in Baler to preserve our very own place and improving at the same time maintaining the green and fresh environment of Museo de Baler and Sabang Beach. 

Museo de Baler and Sabang Beach are the two iconic tourist spots of Baler. In maintaining the cleanliness of the museum, we will be able to help in preserving our history and restore the park to make it more beautiful. With a lot of tourists coming to Sabang Beach, we are not always sure that we maintain its cleanliness, and by doing this project, we can contribute in making it more appealing and clean to different tourists. 

Baler wasn’t always like this, it was once a hidden beauty from the society. It was us who first adored and discovered the fascinating allure of Baler, it was us Balerianos, the first ones who was captivated. It will always go back to us. The one who needed to protect, to preserve the life within the vast sea and the history that was once hidden. 

We can do big things by starting it simple. In every food that we consumed, remember to throw it in a trash can. In every click of the cameras, remember to take it responsibly, as the history may be placed at a wrong hand. Be aware of all the government’s rule in preserving the natural resources. Because tourism boosts the economic growth but destroys the environment and the secrets within it. Be prepared and alert, we are all responsible in taking care of these tourist spots.

Protecting the culture and beauty of Baler is our pride. We can’t do this alone, we need everyone to hold each and everyone’s hand. Together Balerianos, together we can do this. 

A true Baleriano will have the instinct to protect and to start acting in keeping the green environment clean, especially the tourist spots such as Museo de Baler and Sabang Beach. 


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