Aussie Bush Day! A day in the Australian calendar that is dedicated to raising funds

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I believe it is time we need to add a day on our Australian calendar to raise money for this yearly crisis which will be an on going problem in Australias future and help the residents, wildlife, fire fighters and the volunteers. 

We have a day for Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation, Clean Up Australia day, Jeans for Genes day, forty hour famine and the list goes on and on so why not have Aussie Bush Foundation Day?

A day to acknowledge every Aussie who has endured loss from the fires, the fire fighters, volunteers and help wildlife from suffering. 

The day can consist of Walkathons, fund raisers, concerts, telethon, companies donating, schools participating and what ever event can help raise money for our charities. The likes of Salvation Army and Rescue Collective for animals just to name a couple are in need of funds. Families suffering financially take years to rebuild. They need ongoing support. 

The plants and trees will also take years to get back to what it was. We can plant trees on this day. 

Many of us feel helpless but if we had a special day dedicated to our native bush and wildlife it will be our way of being productive and get on top of these catastrophic fires. 

Australians are very good at coming together and supporting each other in time of need.

Lets mark it on the calendar not in pencil but it ink!! 

An Aussie Bush Day!!