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Get Shops and Other Businesses to turn their Lights Off at Night

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We are all aware that Energy nowdays is a premium. Wasting it is not only expensive but bad for our planet. If you search the internet for ways to save Energy you will find countless tips on how to to save it here, there and everywhere. I'm not going to reel them off because we all know most of them and it is only one tip in particular that I want you to think about at the moment and that is:

* If you leave a room empty you should turn the light off *

Makes sense doesn't it? There's no point lighting a place that no one's in and no one can see. Also there's no point leaving the light on for when you return because when you return you just turn it on. Hopefully everyone can agree that that makes perfect sense.

Now it makes no difference whether you walk down your local high street or somewhere like Oxford Street after dark because you will see the same thing. You will see a significant number of shops, estate agents, restaurants, you name it, that have left some of or all of their lights on and the whole place lit up like a Christmas tree.

This in my opinion is completely unnecessary and needs to stop. 

The Government documentation on Building Regulations (Conservation of Fuel & Power) addresses commercial uses but focuses mainly on heating. The guidance on lighting isn't addressed very well. In particular there are no standards set forth for illumination levels and with over-illumination being the most significant uneeded cost of commercial energy use, you can see that this is causing an issue. You may of been told like I have been before that it's for security reasons. Doors, locks and alarms are for security.

Let's get the Energy Regulations changed so that they have to switch the lights off in Commercial Residence and stop wasting Energy.  

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