COVID-19 Pandemic Ireland - Help students without PPS and without work

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This petition is intended to express the number of students who arrived in ireland at the peak of the pandemic COVID-19 and are unable to work.
Due to the closure of all establishments, Pub's and restaurants, newly arrived students have no chance of getting a job and consequently are unable to take the PPS.
We don't know how many more days we'll have to quarantine.
If the quarantine lasts for months, we will be in financial crisis.
Due to the high value of property rental in Ireland, students unable to work will not be able to pay the bills.
Please sign only those who are really in this situation.
We just need to know the volume of students who are in the same financial situation.

Students would like some government support measures. Basic baskets or some financial aid so that we can stay in Ireland.
We cannot leave the country for the time being and we very much want to continue our studies in Ireland.

  • Students who arrived in February
  • Students who have proof of link to the school.
  • Student coming from another country.
  • Student who does not have PPSN and wants to work.