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5 straight hours of teaching in the afternoon is too much.When's recess?

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                        When's recess?

 We spend over 600 min in school every single day  and  that's equivalent to 3000 hrs in 5 days to be exact  .Consuming  almost half of our daily lifetime.So I guess it is essential that we get intentional to make school  more convenient and suitable for the needs and purposes for the children of our future afterall it is said that school is our second home  so that is why we stand for the "feel at home" state by adding additional break time in the afternoon for the shs students to avoid tardiness and stress.
    Since we we're dealing with 7am-5pm class schedules in WMSU we would like to pursue in promoting  break time around 3pm in the afternoon for the good of the students as it would be relevant for them to use the alloted time for mind relaxation.Why?                 simply because you can:
1. be more successful in academics
2.develop social,intellectual and emotional skills and;
3.eliminate stress impact.

Also studies had proven that often breaks can help the brain to absorb and process more information which allows us to learn and educate ourselves even more.Because as fact no matter how hard we try to pick up the lessons if our battery(brain) is weak and draining,enough seems not enough because of constant pressure.But if extra break time is given each students can  be much more active than before, in result, they will be able to  successfully fulfill greater and better achievements.Thus, this achievements  may not be immediately  recognizable but as promise  we'll surely be smarter than ever and throughout this change if ever implemented  the benefits you'll acquire is highly important in every aspects especially for your own growth and improvement as a free individual.
   Tolerating  the same routine through everyday of it-school,homework,eat,sleep,cramm for the exam next week and back at it again,repeated over and over will make us feel dead in the inside.Held captive by school systems, and the more time goes by the more we forget about having passion and desire all at once.But fear not because if we'll have another recess in the afternoon regardless how difficult school can be, creativity and dreams of the students shall not die.

"Time is Gold"-so let's cherish the bliss of education and not the moment of depression.

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