We are students, not robots and we deserve to live

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We are students and not robots. Every year most of the students end their lives due to the pressure of exams such as NEET, JEE, etc. I know that our country loves to make simple things complicated, but we students do not deserve it. We want to live a life where hard-work is a part of life and not life itself. We will strive hard to achieve our dreams, but for that, we should remain in this world to experience the sweetness of victory. Is there really a need for these entrance exams? Are the marks scored in boards not enough? Do these marks really define our intelligence? I dont think so.

Dont even get me started on fees. Its like no one is really getting the education but we are literally buying that one thing which could actually help this country. Are the people born with a silver spoon the only ones who deserve to persue their dreams?

Entrance exams are not the only problem that students face. There is another problem of choosing subjects. You see, there is a reason why students who take PCB leave maths, because they suck at it and still, there is this monstorous physics and physical chemistry. Apart from a few topics, the other topics which we are forced to learn are completely and utterly useless. I dont see why do I even care if the superman (who id literally fictional) comes to life and suddenly starts running with his supershoes on a race track and I (being a doctor) and standing there calculating his velocity instead of calling the journalists and getting his autograph. This is what is wrong with Indian education. 

Its time that all this nonsense has to stop. Over the years there have been many people who protested on these topics, but their cries have gone misheard. Maybe mine will too, but I will not give up. People who are reading this, please help me. I need your help to make my voice heard. Your one sign can perhaps save one life this year. 

I dont know how can our government be so oblivious about all the suicides and all the lives getting ruined. No one on this earth has that authority to ruin or control anyone's life, not even the government. Let god handle that department.

I am a student, and I want to live my life like a human and not like a robot.I want to have fellow mates for the rest of my life, not only till the year 10th and 12th. We deserve the liberty to choose the subjects we wish to study. And my dearest Indian education system, boards are enough pressure already, take away the entrance exams. 

There are so many things that I want to speak, but I dont think that this page will be enough. These feelings are not only mine, they are of every student who is in this phase and also those who have lost their lives to this ridiculous phase. I call out government a murderer because all those lives that have been ended because of these stupid exams, were not suicides, they were murders.

Please help me get justice for those students who were MURDERED and also for those of us who striving to live.

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