To get the school & it’s head to stop me being bullied and harrassed

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Since 6/4/2017 I have been subject to bullying/harrassment from a group of women at my sons school it has now got to the point I am being threatened on school property and my son is scared to go because in his words “he has to run past the bullies who bully his mummy” when I mention this to the school they say they will call social which I find odd as I’m not the bad one in all this and I am trying to safeguard my son and daughter who when I was threatened was called names by the person threatening me and in my arms she is only 1 and was really upset by this. I want this school to actually do something instead of saying we will watch I don’t want it to get to the point I am hit when I’m in a vulnerable position and with my children! My son shouldn’t be scared to go to school the school should stop them causing this problem and stop trying to turn it round on me with social! (These women also lied to social about me 3 times in a year I proved I was a good mum) they also wrote on my Facebook the day I carried my babies coffin whose heartbeat stopped during pregnancy, calling me a liar, disgusting and saying there was no baby I didn’t even get an apology when I shared a picture of my babies coffin which I shouldn’t have had to do that was on the 6-04-2017 when all this started.

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