to allow Childminders who provide essential support for all workers to continue to work

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I feel that forcing childminders to close their doors to certain clients based on their type of work makes a mockery of any kind of support for the people of the United Kingdom, Registered Childminder provide essential and vetted care for our countries pre-school age and after school children. Forcing parents to enlist the help of elderly grandparents or worse still unregistered carers who are untrained and uninsured.

Childminders enable single parents to work and provide taxes to the government as well as a necessary safe environment for these children.

it makes no sense to allow a childminder to have in there charge the child of a Nurse or Doctor but not that of anyone else, no childminders means no workforce means businesses unable to continue existing.

My wife, who has been a childminder for over 20 years looks after children of staff of the Royal Household how would you suggest she explains this to her client.

It feels like this has not been thought through fully.