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The reservation system in education

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As we all know that in the today's world of competition,where their is a cut throat competition,every single individual wants to achieve something or attain something but the issue is that all people are divided into categories or so called reserved categories ,and this reservation is being applied everywhere from jobs to health facilities and from business sector to professionalism every where is reservation but even Education is not left behind, On the one hand they say "India Will grow only if they study" or "Padhega india tabhi to badega india" but can someone study in this environment where a candidate or student with 50% marks in 12th standard has got admussion in the most prestigious collages of india and students with more than 80% marks can't even think of the lowest collage in delhi university.

Once I thought that there would be some people on internet who would agree on the fact that this system should be changed but what I go through was shocking according to one of the reserved candidate they had earned that seat as once there ancestors used to clean the waste of higher class people and they had to face some of the major issues like touchiness and Sevadar system.

So the thing is that those unreserved ones are not getting seats because it is there fault that there ancestors had did wrong with them or mistreated them.

I am not saying that they had not faced any problems but the thing is that the conditions have completely changed in our time even the government authorities also know the fact that the younger generation is bringing the change in today's society, today no one cares about caste or religion in the matter that the person sitting next to him is of another that then he should sit with him,today's generation is bringing the change as now people of two different castes of religion are getting closer they eat together,study together walk together.

Let me ask something from you ,suppose you are going some where with drinking water bottle and a stranger asked for water to you,will you ask his caste or religion before giving water, now just replace the characters ,you are going some where and you want water from someone,will you ask the caste of the people whom you are asking for water,ofcourse the answer is no.

Everyone knows that the reservation system was the need of that time but today it is becoming a curse or nightmare for unreserved category students and people.Actually Article 16(4) of the constitution of India states that reservation may be made for ‘any backward class of citizens’.
It was ‘class’ not ‘caste’ or ‘religion.’

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