The Non- Education of our children is death!! We must come together to demand more!

The Non- Education of our children is death!! We must come together to demand more!

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Dear Parents, 

We must come together to demand more and we must do so now more than ever.

COVID 19 has shown us what we already know. Children who live in certain communities in St.Louis and other parts of Missouri are getting denied a high-quality education. 

As Bridge 2 Hope- St. Louis has learned from conducting hundreds of parent surveys, parents have never been more aware of the education realities that have affected students in black and brown and rural communities for decades.  

Data suggests that low-income children, children of color and children in rural communities have lost more ground as a result of the COVID-19. The shut down of our schools shows the large inequalities that are destroying our communities.  In some cases, these missing months of school will leave our children a full school year behind where they were.  If we are serious about ending the systemic oppression that has kept our children from receiving their fair shot, our kids CANNOT go back to business as usual in our schools this fall.  

We know our school leaders want to join parents in advocating for what is best for all students.  So we are respectfully and strongly requesting that Education Leaders adopt the following recommendations as they create their plans for what school will look like this fall:  

Every student receives a personalized plan for academic recovery by November 1!

a. All students need an Individualized Academic Plan 
b.Students should have a thorough physical document- a document that follows the child from grade to grade, no matter what school they attend.  Individual Academic Plans (IAP’s)-  Parents want a living document that is revised each year - updated with changes as the student progresses. 
c. Policies and laws are ever evolving-  as it works with the public education system. The document (IAP’s) should capture the whole child:  whole child meaning-  academics, mental health, resources, home life, parent support, communication and equitable school practices.  
d. If an episodic event occurs, IAP’s must be revisited, immediately
e. IAP’s should transition to Individual Career Assessment Plans. (ICAP)

To ensure every student has a successful IAP, parents demand  internet access and technology for each individual student, in every home. 
a. The digital divide has been proven to create huge barriers to students being able to connect virtually and engage efficiently. 
b. Resources need to be allocated appropriately to ensure that all students have technology to maintain academic success. 
c.Technology needs to function appropriately and be loaded with student based  IAP curriculum and parents and students need to be educated on how to navigate technology efficiently. 

Parents who are not comfortable sending their children into school buildings are given the choice to continue with a district-provided at-home learning programs for part or all of the 2020-2021 school year, without being asked to provide any justification. (before registration occurs)
a. Parents need to have quality choice options, curriculum that will show measurable academic success and students show sufficient growth each year. 
b. All IAP’s and ICAP’s must include quality Virtual and or distance learning responses. 
c. Parents who are dissatisfied with their district’s home learning program can choose a different home learning program with funding following the child.

St. Louis has come together before and we must come together again to change education!  

We hope you will join Bridge 2 Hope- St. Louis  #B2HSTL by electronically signing this statement of support.  In doing so, you give permission to Bridge 2 Hope- St. Louis to use your name and the name of other supporters in the media and press to show widespread support for these recommendations.  Finally, as a supporter of these recommendations, we promise to keep you updated on our progress and to let you know other ways you can be involved to make sure these recommendations are implemented. Let’s fight against systemic racism and inequality. 

If you want to make sure our kids get what they need to succeed, please sign our petition in solidarity!  #IAMTHEBRIDGE 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!