Test all children in bubbles and allow negative results to return to schools

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Jodie Wyles started this petition to Matt Hancock Health Secretary

Petition to allow class bubbles to be instantly given tests should they be sent home. On a negative result allow them to continue to receive education and return to their bubble. This to be voluntary therefore if parents did not feel happy for their children to be tested and return to school they do not have to, but gives the option for the majority who would like be tested and return to their bubble. 

This will directly help working parents keep in employment and with as minimum loss of pay or annual leave as possible. 

It is very possible for a single mother either self employed or in full time employment having 2 children, with one child sent home having to isolate for 2 weeks. The working parent loses wages for 2 weeks or uses annual leave or unpaid leave. Then a few weeks later the 2nd child is sent home having to isolate for a further 2 weeks. The working mother again loses 2 weeks of pay now struggling to keep her business afloat and has had to take unpaid leave at work. The cycle continues month to month. 

This pattern has happened to many mothers already since the children returned to school at the beginning of September. Personally I have had both my children sent home for 14 days  at two different times due to a positive test in the bubble since the beginning of September 2020. 4 weeks of sudden childcare issue just over one month. 

Self employed parents who have worked hard to attain a viable business are suddenly having to take 14 days of zero wage and still maintain the business and running costs to accommodate childcare. They are also facing this situation time and time again as anytime a child or teacher tests positive in the bubble the children are immediately having to self isolate. The upkeep of the business, overhead costs, wages, and rebooking of clients willing to stay still has to continue whilst the self employed business owner loses half a months salary, and is at any moment at risk of this reoccurring at any given time. 

The mental wellbeing of both the children having an uninterupted education (or as little interruptions as possible) and also the mental health of parents having to juggle childcare and maintainin a business or income has to be treated as priority. 

Many parents do not have the ability to properly educate the children in a home setting and some low income families do not have the equipment to do so and the children who are frequently being sent home for 14 days will be lacking in the education they deserve. This could potentially be rectified if the children are issued tests or allowed to book in at test sites as a matter of priority (on a voluntary basis) it will ensure the children have a less interupted education and allow the parents to continue to work with as little disruption or loss of pay as possible. 


Please sign the petition if you believe in parents having the chance to work and children having the best chance of normality and education as possible. 



0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!