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Teach Self-Defense Strategies in Physical Education

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The government cannot fully eradicate crimes, especially on the streets. The only solution they can offer is prevention and safeguarding through the services of the policemen. However, people cannot expect the authorities to immediately respond whenever they are in peril. Sometimes it is the authorities themselves who cause it. In this country, we are a big flock of sheep and we cannot tell who are real or are wolves masquerading as our brethren. As we cannot remove the wool of every single sheep in our land, we offer a solution to protect ourselves from crimes. This solution cannot be done right away, so the first step is to educate how to properly defend ourselves.

Students are more vulnerable to crimes like robbery, sexual harassment, and assault. Because of that, we petition the Department of Education (DepEd) to include a self defense program in the Physical Education course in Junior and Senior High School. This self defense program will help the students to become more aware and conscious of their surroundings. They will be more prepared to defend themselves and counter any violent attacks towards them or to other people in need.

The goal of this program is to provide the students with proper knowledge on how to handle potentially dangerous situations that are either expected or unexpected. We believe that it is the adolescents who need to be educated more on self defense because of two reasons: first, because they are at an age where their overall physique needs attention and care; and second, because when they enter college, they will have less time to allot for learning self defense.

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