Teach about colonialism in UK schools and eradicate racism

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There are huge gaps in our current education system that highlights the need to understand the British Empire and colonialism. Without this the underlying and institutionalised racism will always remain. A substantial shift is now needed.

The national curriculum says young people are to learn about “how Britain has influenced and been influenced by the wider world”. This should include the communities that were colonised.

Why does this matter? As it is ignored in the curriculum, many children grow up with an internal version of events that has been relayed through families, this can be emotional, painful and as a result they carry unknown revenge and anger within.
By teaching about immigration Children will have empathy for the challenges that some migrants faced, recognise that for many it was a positive decision that was mutually beneficial for both migrant and host communities.

The immigration policies introduced from the 1960s onward were designed to make it more difficult for people of colour to come to this country, and we’d examine the forms of resistance that came with this as both go hand in hand.

It is also true that some teachers avoid topics they deem controversial, for this weak reason thousands of young people might be leaving school without any knowledge of this significant period of British history.

Without the tools of education, children won’t be able to understand the history of their own native country and the lasting impacts of the empire, the good and the bad. Understanding your history can help you to shape and make sense of the world. It’s a big part of character building, identity and an essential life skill that not all have.
To see change we have to be the change, lets start with the schools and our future generation.