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Support our children in school with specific testing for ADHD, SPLDS

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Currently, all chidren are treated and taught the same way, this is ridiculous, since every child learns differently.  Children with ADHD and SPLDs need certain support systems put in place to help them succeed at school. For example, "If you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will spend the rest of its life believing it is stupid".  Our children require assessing to understand which learning style will help and support them the most instead of being grouped to be all the same.  Many children are overlooked by the current system and there is no support or funding to help them. Some children are portrayed as unintelligent when actually all they need is some support and an appropriate teaching style. In universities and colleges it is standard practice to test and put support systems in place, ie, all work can be written on a laptop instead of handwriting, extra time in exams, colour overlays, no copying from the board, audio learning etc. WHY DOES THIS NOT BEGIN EARLIER IN SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN?

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