Students need more sleep

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Stressed and sleep deprived? Here is a petition for students who suffer from sleep deprivation due to stress. 

Studies show that a normal human being requires at least 8 hours of sleep for them to have a healthy brain and function properly. At this age, students tend to suffer from insomnia due to school stress. Students nowadays would rather choose to finish their school works late than get enough sleep, this results them to have a poor performance in class. A lack of sleep from insomnia is not only harmful to one’s own body but can also be dangerous to surrounding citizens. It is a serious issue in college students, and is only getting worse. Universities and colleges should recognize the poor sleep habits and their effect on students’ academic and athletic performances. If some kind of educational workshop or session helps one person, then it can still be considered successful.

I also think it is a subject that be touched upon more in high school, as that can be when poor sleeping habits begin. In line with having 8 hours of sleep, we also need to eat at least 3 times a day, be at school for 5+ hours, finish projects that require at least 3 hours per subject and spend time with our loved ones, yet in a day we only have 24 hours.

In this petition, students would like to have less works to stress about for a more healthier brain and higher school performances. 

Stay healthy, get enough sleep to keep you and your mind going.