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Stopping and removal of drag queen story hour (DWSH.)

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Dear Canada,

What have we done... We’ve removed our countries anthem from our schools and most importantly Jesus Christ and replaced our faith with the work of devils.

The media wants us to believe that majority of the worlds population agrees with the LGBTQ community and will bow to their desires. But that is not the truth. There are many out there that see the truth and intend to make a stand for what is right and just.

they want you to believe the LGBTQ community is all about love while 41% of transgendered people are committing suicide. This is a path to pure destruction and evil. As we speak the Canadian board of eductation is allowing transgender story hour to take place in kindergarten school across Canada.

many parents are outraged and have pulled their children from the schools. They need all of our help because without it they will be shunned, made to look like fools, and prosecuted. It’s time to take a stand for truth, real love, and the innocence of children.

sign and help fight the good fight, God bless you all.

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