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Stop schools from dictating children's hairstyles and stifling their individuality.

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Although I understand the need for a uniform within the school environment, and a dress code that needs to be enforced, I feel that this should not extend past the clothing worn within school hours. The dress code should not have any baring on how a child wear their hair. A person's hair style is part of their identity and it is a vessel for showing the world that personality. What right do schools have to dictate what is right or wrong when it comes to a child's individuality?

I was suspended from school for having a haircut that was too short, 16 years ago, my nephew has faced punishment for having lines shaven in to his hair and my primary school aged son has had letters sent home requesting his head be shaved as the style was not suitable. I have seen many online discussions around the same issue and I feel it is outrageous that a child can be punished for the way they choose to wear their hair. In many cases they are being punished for being different and for standing out from the crowd. Which is ironic because later in life they will be advised to do just that in order to be chosen above others for employment.

Some may argue that the dress code is preparing the child for the world of work, but I feel that in this day and age this is an outdated concept. People are generally accepted for their individuality and their expression of it. The schools need to re-think and update their policies.

A line often used is that the hair cut is a distraction to others. My argument is that it is only a distraction because it is against the rules, the school making a fuss about it causes the distraction. I really don't think children are failing in school because they are to busy staring at haircuts. 

It is totally unreasonable that a child should miss out on their education, by being suspended or spending time in detention, for having their hair cut a certain way.

Generally, in my experience, parents don't tend to allow their 11 to 16 year olds to have hair that is so outrageous that it would offend the nation. I have never understood what is so offensive about a shaven head, or having lines or shapes shaven in to short hair, or having brightly coloured hair, what harm is it really going to do?

In today's society we are trying to tell children that it ok to be different, that it's ok not to follow the crowd, it's not a bad thing to stand out and be comfortable in your own skin. But not in school? Between the hours of 8 and 4 you all have to look the same. Children get to take the uniform off at the end of the school day, they cannot change their hair to reflect who they are outside of school when the day is done.

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