Stop hike in school fee in all schools of Punjab # COVID 19

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I am a resident of Punjab whose child study in public school of Punjab. As due to COVID-19 all parents are not in position to pay existing fees but public schools in Punjab still hiking fees where even people are not confirmed about their  private jobs.  So government as well as administration should have to intervene in this matter because it is primary responsibility of both  in the present situation of the nation. 

Both bodies already know the position of our country even then they have not initiated any step for the same, although they should have to release the notification in prior in this regard. While we are all at home because of the COVID-19 lockdown, many parents and I received a message from schools in Punjab  informing us about a hike in fees. I am worried and anxious because many companies are planning to announce pay cuts, lay-offs, leave without pays, mostly big  and small business are affected  and most of it, we don't know when normalcy will come back. 

School and parents are together in this difficult time, while paying fee will ensure the salary of teaching and non teaching staff and other expenses for schools, NO FEE HIKE and taking only Tuition fee for this time rather than taking any other fee, will ensure that parents will be able to ensure education for their children.

I request you to direct the state governments to ensure that there is NO HIKE in this year and schools do not charge for services during this time which they are not providing (like transport fuel, electricity ,development ,maintenance etc).