stop giving scholarships to non deserving candidates just because they are minority.

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"Stop giving money as scholarships to non-deserving candidates just because they are st/sc/obc caste.Not all general candidates are rich neither all st/sc/obc are poor."

My st/sc/obc friends having expensive cars, bikes, huge property, good financial support but still, they are getting scholarships just because they belongs from minority.And then there are also some of my general friends who belongs from a lower middle class family, who doesnot own any car , bikes, huge property, good financial support or any special support but still, they does not get any scholarships.

"Then what is the benefit of giving scholarships ?? if it's not been given to the person who actually needs it ??"


"Also several people are using fake income reports  by bribing officials"

In this competative environment students securing less marks are getting placed in colleges and jobs just because they are belongins of st/sc/obc castes.

That is a main reason for which conflict between students starts at a very early age just due to cast decrimination done by government of india.

"I am not against the stipend or scholarship programs, but the government should take a step towards this matter, all the students should be treated equally, scholarships should be given to the deservings, and not on the basis of their caste."