Stop Blocking the Potential in Creating - Change the name of Art Class to Creativity Class

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How many adults do you know of cringe when asked to draw or paint if they aren't considered "artists" by society?  I'm betting a lot, maybe even yourself.  Well, with a simple shift in the way elementary, middle and high school art classes are presented to students, this fear of making art doesn't have to exist.

By changing the name from Art Class to Creativity Class you effectively shift the focus to creating through paint or drawing or sculpting, etc. and not setting up the standard that you are either going to be successful with these or not, and if not, than you should stop now and not embarrass yourself as an adult.  Then, those children will not fear creating, they will not be ashamed of their artistic endeavors, and will turn into adults who feel great about using their imaginations - which can then impact the world in an infinite number of ways.