Special needs Children deserve an equal Education.

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**** UPDATE ***** The forms have been released! However they are extremely late and this will most likely effect our Children’s start date. They may be returning to school later than every other Neuro typical Child in the country. Every single day of tuition is imperative to our Children. And I am sure the Minister of Education can agree with that. Please do not allow this to happen again next year.

 Hi my name is Nikita Lowney, my son Cameron is 4 years of age and has Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD). I am no different to any other parent in the country eagerly awaiting the Home Tuition Grant Scheme forms to be released so we can start the lengthy process of getting the relevant bodies to sign these forms so our children can go to  school or be home tutored in September. Not only do we have to fight and wait for a school place for them , we have to then beg and worry every year for that place. It is now August 6th and still no sign of the application forms being released. Why does it take so long to release these forms as they are the same every year the only difference is the date changes on them? How can this cause such a delay in the process. No way would this happen in a typical school, No way would a parent be left waiting this long to know their child’s start date for September. Why are we always fighting, waiting and begging for education in 2019 for our children ? I am asking every parent or family member to please sign this petition to ask the Department of Education to stop making us beg, stop adding to what is already a stressful time for parents. Our children thrive on routine and structure, Summer holidays can be stressful with this routine disturbed. Please do not add anymore unnecessary strain, Please set a date for the applications to be released every year.