#SocksInCrocs (allow crocs to be worn in Liberty County schools again)

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I have received a lot of complaints from my peers at my high school, Bradwell Institute, about not being able to wear crocs to school. For the 2017-2018 school year, the Board of Education has placed a ban on crocs in the Liberty County School System Code of Conduct. I have conducted research on other schools in different counties besides Liberty, and studies show that crocs are usually banned in most schools because students do not wear socks inside of crocs. I have come up with an idea to persuade the Board of Education to allow crocs to be worn again in public schools only if the students agree to wear socks inside. Please sign this petition to allow students to wear crocs in Liberty County schools again and give your honest opinions about crocs and what you want to happen. Then share this among your peers and fellow students in the community. I’m going to try and get the Board to reach a consensus. Please share under the hashtag #SocksInCrocs