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School Fee Hike must be control?

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A country which was having maximum number of Gurukuls and where education was free of cost at a time.. Now the Gurukuls has been obsolete and they are replaced with Private Schools. These schools are now turning into “Lootera” and they run the school like industry.

Buy each and every thing (Books, Uniform & stationery) from school at high very prices. This type of cases has been covered in media many times but no action has been taken against the school owners. Schools must have library for the same so that same book can be used again instead it to sell to scrap wala
There is a fee hike every year and the school also keeps increasing the development charges. However, there’s been no significant improvement in infrastructure or the facilities currently in place for the students. So what development are they charging us for?
 On 02-Apr-2017 a group of 1000+ parents have done protest against fee hike in Gurgaon but they have been bitten by sticks and CM of Haryana is saying "Parents must compromise with school for the betterment of there child". I am sharing few links relating to the same -

Hindustan Times

Times of India

We request to Prime Minister of India to strict action against school owners and make education affordable to every child. Padega India tabhi to Badega India

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