Say no to brown papers for covering school books!

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In india there is no concept of using second hand/old books in schools. Every year parents have to buy new books for their school going kids and wrap them with brown papers as it is a sort of un meaningful compulsion. Using second hand books might look like Mission Impossible but doing away with brown papers is quite possible. As per census 2011 nearly 41% of Indian population comprises of those of below 20 years of age. Just imagine how many of them would be school going children each one of them using on an average 10-20 books/copies per year (this may be minimum given the syllabus these days). How much brown paper is being used in covering these books ? And if done away with, how many trees can be saved from felling? If quantified the amount will be humongous.

There is no loss just gain if this change occurs. It will be a boon to our environment and it's not a difficult thing to do.