Save students from SUICIDE

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Suicide is one of the biggest problems students are facing now especially between the ages of 11-16 years old. This makes it the 10th leading cause of death worldwide. Suicidal depression is a life threatening disease, even if you can't see it on the outside. And maybe, just maybe, there would be less deaths to suicide if we reached out and supported suicidal students.

Most students thought that they are already experiencing massive problems in life. Due to some pressure in different terms (such as peer pressure, academic pressure and family misconceptions), students, especially teenagers, thought of suicide as the key to escape these difficulties but no. Suicide isn't the answer. I want to put up this petition to stop and make action to this dilemma. We should take the problems as our motivation in life that will strengthen our foundation in aiming our goals in the future. 

Help me in reaching the students to stop these cases of killing themselves. This is not the solution. Not only the students, I am also inviting our dear parents in order to keep their child from pressure. Also, I am a in reaching to the officials, specifically the Department of Education and Department of Social Welfare and Development. I want these establishments to give their full support to this action to change the mindset of the young ones. 

Please sign for this petition and make the world better. STOP SUICIDE!